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Insights, Principles, Rules & Popular Misconceptions
Under which health authority is Kyäni certified to be marketed in North America?
Health Canada is one of the most rigid health approval authorities in the world for any consumable product. Kyani has been approved and licensed by Health Canada.
Does Kyäni "cure" diseases or over hypes the potency of products?
Kyäni has over 60, 000+ real testimonials through consumer videos and logs. Kyäni does not claim to cure any diseases; Kyäni also advises distributors against claims of curing people. Many people are seeing real improvements in their health with the continued and proper use of Kyäni products. Approximately 8.7 of 10 people see a result when they consume Kyäni products. Kyäni has strict rules against distributors making exaggerated claims or using the words "cured" or "healed" when referring to the products.
Are Kyäni products sold on Amazon? Is it saturated on the market?
Kyäni distributors each have a great and secure site that their customers purchase from. This allows customers to choose the Prime option and become repeat customers. Kyäni distributors have no long term gain by selling their products on Amazon. As well this would mean that any distributor who sells off Amazon would now have the hassle of shipping and handling to get the products to their customers. It is NOT beneficial for Kyäni distributors to sell independently via Amazon.

Also note that Amazon has very little to no listings of the Kyäni products. If you come across any Kyäni products on Amazon listed cheaper than the actual value, these are most likely from customers who instead of contacting the company for a refund, have decided to sell it instead. Said customers usually may have not used their products and had it sit there for over 30 days thus not able to get a refund on the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee program. Some make the poor decision of selling them at a loss.

Please inquire about the expiry date from the individuals who create these listings. Kyäni products are exclusive to distributors. It is also important to note that Kyäni has less than 5% market saturation with only 1% in Canada.
Does Kyäni have it's ups and downs?
Kyäni is a legitimate business approved by Health Canada. WE ARE NOT THE LOTTERY OR A "GET RICH QUICK COMPANY". In Canada distributors are required to pay taxes like any other regular career and even choose to be licensed as an incorporated company with BNR and HST numbers.

Kyäni has proven high quality products that distributors can earn great profit margins from - 27% - 42%. All business opportunities have their "ups and downs". Many distributors, some as young as 18 years old or as old as 90 years old have been able to not only see profit within their first week of distributing but make ongoing profits/ residuals. Some may enroll and tke about 1 - 3 months to see their first bonuses and profits come in.

Kyäni has a dream car program with over 4000 luxury cars paid for so far worldwide. This is where a few misinformed people have the wrong perception about Kyäni. This program is optional. Some Kyäni distributors are not into cars or may have nice cars already and never work towards that program. Those who feel they need to at least enjoy a luxury car for their sweat work towards that. We sell healthy natural products for profit and also do charity work, so of course giving incentives to all distributors to enjoy a better life is paramount. If not, then what's the point of hard work.

You may choose to accept the monthly car payments or you may accept a lump-some payout, it is totally up to you. Kyäni is not a "get rich quick" scheme but is one of the most lucrative online businesses to date.
Is Kyäni focus more on recruiting and signing up distributors than selling real products? Is Kyäni making profits by just selling licenses at higher fees?
All distributors within their first 48 hours of enrolling are encouraged to obtain at least 5 customers. Some distributors have dozen's or even hundreds of customers by their first week.

All distributors have a choice of distributing products and/ or introducing more people to Kyäni to increase sales. The option is solely by the discretion of each individual distributor. Kyäni DOES NOT MAKE MONEY RECRUITING NEW DISTRIBUTORS NOR PAY EXISTING DISTRIBUTORS WITH THOSE SIGN UP FEES. One fact about Kyäni is, within a week of a new distributor registering, averagely $500 USD worth of exclusively well packaged sample of products are sent to the new distributor for their personal use or to share with any potential customer for free. This package even includes additional 7 day pack samples which the distributor can give out for free as well.

In addition, Kyäni provides the new distributor with a complete customized wholesale website that self updates, the Kyäni Pro app and the Kyäni Back-end Office and app.

Also available by licensing rights are high quality made free videos, scientific research websites and digital printable material each distributor can use to market their products without the need to pay for one to be created by graphic and web designers at an added cost.

The average ONE TIME LIFE TIME sign up fee for a Kyäni Distributor is $550 USD + TAX or $750 CAD + HST. So this begs the question, where is the profit that Kyäni makes by signing up new distributors?

The incentive and training provided with support from other dedicated distributors ranking high in the company are all brought to bear to help a new distributor grow and attain available bonuses in their first 1 - 3 months.
I hope Kyäni does not offer poor training
Kyäni has developed an app worth over $3 million dollars that provides intensive training and support to distributors. This app actually contains video material, testing material after each training module and applications. Kyäni has other online training platforms, local, regional and international training with successful leaders via Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype and face to face in cities near new distributors. The options are open to all distributors. A distributor could be faced with a customer who is asking really tough or in depth questions they may not be able to provide good answers on. By just a virtual or phone call, another distributor from in a different city and country even could get on the line and help them make that sale.
Is there pressure to pay more money after a distributor registers with Kyäni?
Kyäni has a set ONE TIME LIFETIME registration fee. Distributors are encouraged to use Kyäni products as well but never forced to make future purchases of their own products if they don't have a health need or anyone they could purchase for. A distributor will never be required to make any additional payments to Kyäni after one time license fee has been paid for to become an Independent distributor
Do distributors always pay to have products in their wholesale?
No, once a distributor is licensed they never pay a cent again to have Kyäni products on their wholesale website. Kyäni online applications automatically updates distributor websites.
Are Kyäni distributors allowed to give medical advice?
No - Kyäni training and ethics teaches distributors to refrain from giving medical advice regarding diseases. All Kyäni products are labeled with advice to consult your physician before consuming our natural health products. Kyani is not a drug, it is fruits, berries, fish oil and vegetables. Kyäni teaches all distributors to inform potential consumers who have allergic reactions to certain ingredients, kidney transplants, pregnant or breastfeeding women (some pregnant women do consume our supplements) or those who have certain ailments that may be affected by the high anti-oxidant content to first consult your doctor before consuming our supplements.
Is there a risk of losing my rank or being demoted when I become very successful - more especially if I chose to build a network of other distributors around me but have recently been busy with other things in life?
No - Kyäni distributors ranks and positions based on individual dedicated time and success are lifetime ranks unless they get promoted to a much higher rank. At much higher ranks you hold a responsibility to make sure you sell at least 1 product in an entire year to maintain your higher rank position. You will never meet a Kyäni distributor who has achieved a higher rank, earning bigger income yet lazy/ too busy to not be able to sell a single product in a year. That is just not logical. You will never lose your rank or be demoted by the company when you are not at a very higher rank and bringing in very very low sales. If you are at a certain rank and you and your team are performing poorly in sales, your earnings will be a reflection of that lack of sales activity, however your lifetime rank remains the same.
Is it easy to earn with Kyäni? Do I have to be an aggressive marketer in order to sell? Do my friends and family have to join? Do I have to buy the products before I can sell them? Do I work for Kyäni, or am I an independent distributor?
With Kyäni you NEVER have to buy products before you can sell them! When you first start, you are given a complete sample kit or a small amount of product for yourself to sample before you start your distribution.

ALL PRODUCT SALES, PAYMENTS, SHIPPING, 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE RETURNS & CUSTOMER SERVICE ARE ONLINE through your Kyäni website. If you choose to purchase products on behalf of your customers, then you are doing so through your own free will.

A major part of what makes Kyäni stand out from other organizations is that we sell directly from our sites and we DO NOT stock product in our garage or homes. Kyäni has 9 different ways of earning income. Kyäni has one of the highest paying compensation plans and many bonuses put in place.

Kyäni has developed a simple "Done For You" but NOT "Without You" marketing platform that gives it's distributors simpler means of marketing their products to the public in over 63 countries.

You are not required to be an aggressive marketer, nor are you required to sell to or introduce Kyäni to your family and friends. Facebook, Instagram, email list, social clubs are all ways used to market just like every industry in the world does. Many distributors who put in the work and follow the system make significant earnings.

You are an independent distributor/ business owner. You work at your own pace! Some people work really hard, some do hardly any work at all and some do nothing. Earnings are a direct reflection of your activity. No one will force you to work. There are unlimited training incentives via the Kyäni Pro app, "In Person" monthly regional and semi-annual international training and support provided to those who choose to utilize these options.
Can Kyäni products be found cheaper elsewhere? Do other companies have the exact same products at cheaper rates?
A few fake companies tried to duplicate Kyäni's success by even going as far as copying the packaging and model of business. The issue is they were not able to match Kyäni prices, compensation structure and most importantly authenticity of product lines like the TRIANGLE OF HEALTH and the FLEURESSE ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE beauty line. Kyäni reflects the quality of their products. Kyäni products are made only in the USA and are done under high standards. The few knock-offs on the market are "made in China", "made in India" diluted and not Health Canada approved. Kyäni has a Facebook Community of over 60,000 consumer testimonials. Just ask our Kyäni Independent distributors and they will tag you to just about any disease, ailment and skin care issue. There is a testimonial by several people who used and are using Kyäni to help with their conditions in a massive impactful way.
Does Kyäni force customers to purchase more or harass people with sales tactic to get them to sign up to become Independent Distributors?
Anyone who is introduced to Kyäni is asked whether they would like to become distributors, customers or to feel free to ask questions they may have. No one is EVER forced to come on board or be forced to buy the product. We never cold call. We do not send repeated text messages and emails to force people to buy. Distributors who do that could lose their license.
Become a Kyäni Distributor
Contact KYANI TEAM TORONTO for Distributor Licensing
665 Millway Ave, Vaughan, ON L4K 3T8
Become a Kyäni Distributor
Contact KYANI TEAM TORONTO for Distributor Licensing
665 Millway Ave, Vaughan, ON L4K 3T8

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